Contactless means you don't have to insert your card into the checkout terminal and wait, saving you time - every time.

The new Sterling State Bank card includes the latest chip technology including support for contactless transactions. Every chip transaction and every contactless transaction includes a unique code, helping to protect against fraud, and making every transaction a secure transaction.

Benefits of using your Contactless Debit Card

  • Safe - minimizes your contact with surfaces 
  • Secure - each transaction has a unique code protecting you from fraud
  • Simple - no extra buttons or pins to enter - just tap and go!


How to use your Contactless Debit Card

Look for the contactless symbol at checkout.

Tap your card on the checkout terminal.

Wait for a beep or green light.

Put your card away - you're done!



Why use your Sterling State Bank Contacless Card?


We recently released a newer, updated version of our debit & credit cards. These feature the latest chip technology which supports all contactless transactions. Simply hold your card up to any terminal that supports contactless payment, and you can touch and go. It’s that easy! 


So why should you use a contactless card? Here are some of the benefits:

Safety: By simply tapping your card to the terminal, you reduce your risk of coming in contact with germs and bacteria.

Security: Each transaction has a unique code brought to you by radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. This allows the card to communicate with the reader seamlessly and safely.

Simplicity: It's easy! All you have to do is tap and go. No waiting, no pushing buttons; just tap and you're done.



More than half (51%) of people in the US are now using some form of contactless payment and here's why:

It's fast and simple. Just tap and go! No waiting for processing and no signature needed.

It's cleaner. No need to touch the checkout terminal and risk coming in contact with germs or bacteria.

It's secure. Each transaction has a unique code making it more secure than swiping.


Our new contactless cards are perfect for on-the-go mommas who have their hands full! It can save you time, energy, and keep you and your baby safe from any unnecessary contact with bacteria. Simply tap your card on the payment terminal, and be on your way!

So, whether you are doing some shopping after an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN or enjoying an outdoor patio in Lakeville, MN - contactless debit cards are the new way to pay!